Friday 20 June 2014

Frozen Lunches! ♫ Do You Want To Build a Bento? ♪

Ah, summer,  the time of year warm hug loving snowmen dream of ... School may be out, but some of us are still packing lunches ... there's day camp, day care, picnics ... What could be more fun to find in your lunch box on a hot summer day than a cool Frozen themed lunch!

Disney Frozen Lunch & Snack Ideas from Bento Bloggers & Friends
♫ Do you want to build a bento 
Or a preschool snack they'll love 
If you want to make their lunchbox sing 
Make Frozen anything 
It's what they're dreaming of ... ♪

Many of the Bento Bloggers & Friends have made our little Frozen fans bento lunches & snacks inspired by the delightful Disney musical. And like snowflakes, no two are alike - you'll want to see them all! Click each image to visit the blog post for a closer look, details & instructions, or to leave a comment :)

Karen of What's In Our Lunch Bags painted a cheesy Olaf & Sven sandwich for her son's lunch.  Learn her technique in this separate post.

These Sven & Olaf sandwiches were created by Sandra of One Crafty Thing:


Also from One Crafty Thing, the Queen Elsa on the left. Sandra credits the inspiration for Elsa's edible hair to Lunchbox Dad's Elsa bento on the right:


Loving Lunches' Queen Elsa features pasta hair embellished with ham:

And perhaps the most unique version of an edible Queen Elsa, this hot dog lunch by Ludicrous Mama of Biting The Hand That Feeds You :)

Robot Squirrel & the Monkeys built a Frozen bento with a marshmallow Olaf! 

Anna of Becoming a Bentoholic built her smiling Olaf with squishy soft bread! 

Jean of Bento Days used quail eggs to build her Olaf. He's so cute I don't think I'd want to eat him, I'd rather give him warm hugs & keep him :)

And the same goes for this somen noodle Olaf by Ming of Bento, Monsters!

Ming's little bento monsters wanted more Olaf... this time she made a quail egg snowman and a rice Queen Elsa: 

Rice is perfect for building an edible snowman! This onigiri Olaf bento was built by Rebecca of Bentos on the Bayou:

& this one by Yvette of Little Bento World also features instructions: 

Olaf finally gets to enjoy summer in this bento by Karen of Karenwee's Bento Diary, where he floats in a pool of rice with a reindeer pool toy ;)

& her Queen Elsa, embellished with crabstick & nori, gives me chills!


So does this amazing seaweed & rice creation by Shirley of Little Miss Bento. And she perfectly captured Olaf's personality with her quail egg snowman :)

Don't despair if you don't have that kind of skill, or the time to try... 
BentOnBetterLunches has an easy-peasy way to make a Frozen theme lunch, fast: use snowflake cupcake picks & a pouch of character fruit snacks  ;)

And even if you don't need to pack lunches this summer,  it doesn't mean you can't make Frozen themed food...

♫ If you don't want to build a bento, 
but maybe just a treat,
Lunchbox Dad knows just the way
Complete with snacks to eat! 

The Bento Bloggers & Friends hope you've enjoyed our Frozen round up - and we hope you'll share yours with us...