Sunday, 23 September 2012

Yo ho! Who gets th' treasure?

Thank ye fer followin' our blog hop!
We be knowin' it were a long journey 'n we'd like to reward ye ALL, 
but like as we would, thar be only three ways to divvy up 'tis treasure...

An th' winners be....

Yo ho! Ye're th' lucky winners 'o th' bento booty! 
Ye've each won a $75 voucher at:

Congratulations! May ye heartily enjoy ye winnin's! Ye'll be gettin' an e-mail an' ye've got 48 hours t' reply an' claim ye lovely booty or some other scurvy pirate gunna get it! 

UPDATE 09/26/12 ~ The original 2nd winner forfeited by not claiming her prize within the 48 hours allotted. A new winner has been drawn and notified!

To all who didn't win... thanks fer playin'! An' keep followin' us... we had such a ruckas doin' 'tis one, we just may do another... 'n at th' least, ye'll spy some lovely lunches, arrr!

An one more thin'... A hearty thanks t' all th' fine Bento Bloggers & Friends what threw their coins in fer th' prize, 'n especially t' JeeJee o' BentoUSA by AllThingsForSale fer generously matchin' us t' offer ye these amazin' prizes! Yo ho!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Ye've Found Our Bento Treasure, Arrr!

X marks t' spot whar ye get to enter fer yer chance at t' treasure! 
What be t' treasure? 

'Tis a bento booty Giveaway!
 Ye get 3 chances to win one of 3
awesome bento shoppin' sprees!

Thar be 3 prizes of $75 each
t' spend as ye wish at Bento Products

$75, yo ho! That's a lot 'o doubloons t'be spent on bento goodies!

How can ye win? Well, ye have th' same chance as all ye pirate mates if ye follow these instructions:

Enter th' words on ye bonus map pieces in th' Rafflecopter widget below fer 2 chances to win, an follow this 'ere blog fer 1 more!
a Rafflecopter giveaway *If ye mateys are using Internet Explorer, ye might not be able to see where to enter for the winnings. Ye may consider trying Google Chrome if ye want to win!

Avast, me hearties! A word 'o warnin'! Don't tweet, pin, or share 'tis message, lest ye spoil th' a ruckas fer th' rest,  'n lessen ye chances 'o winnin' t' lovely booty! And don't cheat, or you'll be forced to walk the plank. Arrrr!

Did ye enjoy our treaure hunt blog hop 'n all th' pirate bentos? Well,  after ye've entered th' Giveaway, thar be more to spy wit' ye eye... we had a couple 'o scurvy stragglers who didn't make it on board before we cast off: