Friday 15 November 2013

Thanksgiving Bento Link Party!

Not all the Bento Bloggers & Friends are American, so not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving this month, but we're all thankful - for many things - like having good food to make bentos with! 

We invite you to join our gathering of Thanksgiving themed lunches. All are welcome, even you Canadians who had your Thanksgiving last month! Share your leftovers too, if they're Thanksgiving themed ;) 

And since it is the month of November, AKA MOvember, you get to choose which button you link up with - this cute little Pilgrim owl perched atop a horn of plenty, or the same thankful owl, but with a "mo". You're welcome :)

If you need copy/paste codes they're at the bottom of the post, after the Link Party :)

Please link back to the party with one of these buttons!

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